Sari for Free! Magazine “Sound Chic” #07th 2015 Issue

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White Shoes & The Couples Company vocalist Aprilia Apsari (Sari Sartje) on Free! Magazine “Sound Chic” #07th 2015 Issue . Check all the 6 great photos (PDF format) on , or watch the Free! Magz fashion profile video on You Tube.

Photo by Michael Timothy .

Make up by Anissa Caca .

Styled by Raisha Wirapersada .

Video Ricky Koma .

Venue: Hyde, Kemang, Jakarta.

Ricky Virgana on Picture of The Day

Ricky Virgana was accidentally photographed by photographer, he made it in to Picture of the day 4th of May 2015.

White Shoes & The Couples Company was visiting Venice, Italy to join the fun of Venice Biennale 2015.  We we’re just happen to passed this red cafe (since we can’t speak or read Italian we thought it was a cafe). No political intention what so ever, we just simply tourist during the trip.


Milan, 1 May 2015


At Malpensa Airport, After 16 hours of flight. White Shoes & The Couples Company just arrived in Milan, 1st of May 2015.

left to right: John Navid, Saleh Husein, Aprilia Apsari, Apri Mela Prawidyanti, Ricky Surya Virgana and Rio Farabi (photo by Keke Tumbuan)