IROCKUMENTARY: WSATCC’s Recording Session in Lokananta


To conserve the existence of Lokananta, our favorite, White Shoes and the Couples Company (WSATCC) had just done some recording sessions in the historical studio.


The idea came up only last June when WSATCC wanted to make a cover EP full of Indonesian traditional songs. Soon after, during a gig in Solo, they visited the legendary studio and found the opportunity to do their own recording session there.


Indra Ameng, Personal Manager of WSATCC said, “After seeing the recording equipments we can say that they meet the international standard. The recording console is exactly like the one that used by Radiohead during OK Computer’s session.”


Ameng, and the whole members of WSATCC expressed their enthusiasm during the recording process in Lokananta. “It coincidentally fits our idea of recording Indonesian traditional pop songs. Since the 50′s, Lokananta famously known for producing lots of Indonesian traditional recordings. Used by the best of traditional musicians that ever walked in this country. The studio’s acoustic and equipments are top notch, let alone its historical values. It made us feeling pretty comfortable in doing lots of experiments during the session.”


By doing some recording sessions in Lokananta, WSATCC has shown their contribution to the historical place. Especially since it hasn’t seen a pop band doing a ‘real’ recording session there in decades. WSATCC’s session in Lokananta triggers other local bands and also musical friends from the region to start doing some recordings in the venerable studio.


(Words & Photographs by: Agung Hartamurti)

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White Shoes And The Couples Company’s Recording Session in Lokananta


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