Spotted “Album Vakansi” in Tokyo

We just got e-mail from our Manager, Mr. Indra Ameng. He recently visited Tokyo and accidentally found something delightful, so he snapped this nice picture

White Shoes & The Couples Company "Album Vakansi", Tower Records, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

It says “Happy & Groovy!! You should listen it!!”. 

White Shoes & The Couples Company “Album Vakansi”,Tower Records, Shinjuku, Tokyo. 

*Bunch of thanks to Yuhei “Marco” Hirose for the translation 🙂

3 thoughts on “Spotted “Album Vakansi” in Tokyo

  1. Sampe dipajang posternya gitu loh O,O
    Bener-bener keren bangeeeet. Ini bukan karena pemiliknya orang Indonesia kan? hahaha. Ada yang bisa nerjemahin tulisannya artinya apa?

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